Monday, September 22, 2008

God! I didn't know Manila is this notorious when it comes to traffic! Sa amin, pwede kang magpatintero sa kalsada. Dito, pwede din naman kaso mga sasakyan na ang kalaro mo. Can't they just reduce jeepneys or make them government-owned? Tsk tsk tsk.

Ito lang kasi kadalasan ang itsura ng daanan sa amin.

Pasyal sa Pasig River

Saturday, September 20, 2008

May ferry boat pala sa Pasig! Let's ride in!
Sa estasyon (excited)
All aboard!
Sa tubig
Ang napakagandang Post Office

I tried to sneak out my cam when we passed by Malacanang but Manong PSG was as keen as an eagle. Hmpff!

Ikot sa Intramuros

My dorm is not that far from Intramuros. At dahil hindi pa ako nakakakita ng mga bagay na mas luma pa sa akin, I tried it out. I was awed by the Intramuros.

Ito pala ang San Agustin Church.

Palacio del Gobernador naman daw ito. I can't believe the governors lived here.

Gusto ko sumakay ng calesa kaso mahal.

My Bestfriend

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Because I chose to study here, I am forced to live alone, very far from my family. The banished me into a dormitory with no one to talk to. And because dormitories often prohibit cooking, I learned how to eat noodles from dusk till dawn. 

On the coming posts, my unusual journey in Manila will be told. 

Hi to Lucky Me, my bestfriend.

Welcome to the City

Hi, I am a new student here in Manila and I want to share my everyday life as a journey towards a new environment, way different from my life in the province. Let me tell you about my thoughts on those city-things and how I personally encounter the things that I have only seen and heard of about the metropolitan.

In short, I am a Manila Ignoramus. Good day!